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All About Metamorphosis:Costume&FX

Ying-Syuan Zeng (Syuan Zeng)

Born in Taipei Taiwan, Syuan had discovered her love in visual arts at an early age. Yet it takes her quite a long route from learning painting, graphic design, editing, making costumes then being able to realize it is building out her imagination that makes her so happy, and theater/film is the magic land that put everything together. So she took a turn and hopped onto the path of costume design for theater. Now she is exploring the new world in prosthetic, props, wig and makeup, with the goal and passion of combining all these elements together to bring her imagination into reality.

{ Education/Honor }

2019 New Zealand World of Wearable Art - White Section Finalist : Seraph

2019-2022 MFA Uni. of North Carolina School of the Arts - Wig and Makeup Design

2017 MFA (Semester) Hofstra University, Long Island, New York, Costume Design (TNUA exchange student)

2015-2019 MFA Taipei National Uni. of the Arts - Costume Design in Theatrical Design and Technology​

2013-2015 Assistant at Back To Basics (Magazine House) & atomnocolor (Graphic Design Studio)

2009-2013 BFA National Taiwan Uni. of Science and Technology - Commercial Design

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Special Skills

Costume Technology

Ballet Tutu making / Qipao making / EVA Foam Sculpting / Sewing & Stitching / Patterning / Draping / Costume Crafts

Prosthetic & Wig Technology

Life Casting / Sculpting / Mold Making & Casting / Air Brushing / Prosthetic Makeup / Wig Making / Wig Styling & Coloring / Wig Applying / Headpieces

Other Skills

Scenic Painting & Texturing

Adobe : Photoshop / Illustrator / Indesign / Lightroom / Premiere / After Effects


English / Mandarin Chinese

TA Experience

National Taiwan University EVA Wig Workshop : Instructor (2019)
National Taipei Uni. of the Arts Play Analysis : Teaching Assistant and Interpreter (2018~2019)
National Taipei Uni. of the Arts Classical Tutu Workshop : Teaching Assistant and Interpreter (2018)

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Professional Experience

Selected Works | Full PDF Resume &
Reference Upon Request

Homer :
Great Teller Of Tales

2022 Jan. - Feb.

Wig&Makeup&Prosthetic Designer | Director - Amelia Cameron

SEE/SAW pilot episode

2021 Oct.

Hair & Makeup Head | Magnified Productions, LLC


2020 - 2021

Hair, Makeup and Prosthetic Designer | Director - Conner Meenhan

Love & Depositions

2021 Apr. - May

Wig and Makeup Designer | Conceived and Directed by Mollye Maxner, Acadia Barrengos, and Marina Zurita

Weird-Looking Pug

2019 Dec.

Costume Designer and Technician | Inside Out Dance Theater

Mon, Li-Chun

2019 Sep.

Costume Designer and Technician & Graphic Designer | Director - Yun Lee, Yung-Chih Lin

The Moment for A Loser Rocking

2018 Dec.

Costume Designer and Technician, Panda Car Prop Designer, Theater Photographer | Director - Yun Lee, MingTsung Lee

Flowers Are Gone

2018 Aug.

Costume Designer and Technician | Inside Out Dance Theater

Dangerous Liaisons

2018 Apr.

Costume Designer and Technician, Wig and Makeup Designer | Director - PeiKuan Chen

The Alchemist 永生劫 & The Dreams

2019 June - July

Scenic Artist | Funlock Studio


2019  May

Theater Photographer | Director - Yun Lee


2019 Apr.

Graphic Designer & Photographer | Choreographer - FangYun Yang

Self Accusation

2018 Jul.

Theater Photographer | Director - Yun Lee


2017 Feb. - Mar.

Assistant Costume Designer | Director - Christopher Dippel
Costume Designer - PeiChi Su

A Mouthful of Shoes

2017 Feb. - Mar.

Assistant Costume Designer | Choreographer - David Parker
Costume Designer - PeiChi Su

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New York, USA

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